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The present part of the web site of the Laboratory of Demographic And Social Analyses - D.P.R.D. - U.TH., comprises most of the units from the web site: which developed ) in the framework of the research project named: "PANDORA: Digital Demographic Atlas of Greece". The project's objective was to develop an information service of documentation, education and analysis about subjects related to the modern demographic evolutions (demographic components and structures) at the national and regional level of Greece. The information service is developed as a www site ( and comprises databases and database management, cartographic analysis and visualization based on Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and statistical analysis. The project’s system is still under attendance for evaluation and maintenance reasons (the operation of a web site is a continuous proceeding of management, update of the included information and evolution of the methodological tools).

The units comprised here, in the context of the enrichment, improvement and evolution of the aforementioned web site, are managed by the research team of the Laboratory of Demographic and Social Analyses (L.D.S.A.) with main objective to confront design failures and omissions through further developing and evolving. Although the project was originally designed for Greek researchers and scientists (in Greek language mainly), its most important units have been translated into the English language.

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