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LDSA coordinates the international Network of Researchers “DemoBalk”, engaged in the study of recent demographic trends and their impact on Balkan countries. The DemoBalk network, in collaboration with EUROSTAT, EFTA, and the Association of Balkan Statisticians organized its second Balkan Demographic Conference in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 2000 on “Demographic Changes in the Balkans in the ΄90’s: Problems of Measurement and Analytical Framework” and a third on “Migration, Crises and Recent Conflicts in the Balkans” in Belgrade in 2005 in collaboration with INED, AIDELF and the Association of Serb Demographers.

LDSA invites, on a regular basis, Greek and foreign scientists to give lectures and take part in training seminars, which are almost exclusively organized for its members. The lectures, on the other hand, are addressed to a broader public (students and doctoral candidates) and are usually carried out in the context of the courses taught by the teaching staff of LDSA. For the last six years, more than 25 scientists have been invited to take part in all those activities. At the same time, within the framework of LDSA’s collaboration with European research centres and higher education institutions, professors and researchers from Italy, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia-Montenegro, and Albania have been hosted for periods ranging from two weeks to three months. LDSA also accepts students from other European countries as part of their practicum or who wish to engage in research for their degree dissertation  or Ph.D. thesis.



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