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LDSA in collaboration with the Institute of Demographic Studies of the University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV in France ran a joint Greek-French M.Sc. programme in Demography and the Economics of Development and Integration (with specialization in Population, Development and Foresight) under the acronym PODEPRO (Population, Développement, Prospective) for twelve years (2005-2017).


The objective of this Programme was the specialization of graduates from various disciplines in issues of bidirectional relationships between demography and sustainable development, the knowledge of which is a prerequisite for strategic planning at all spatial levels. Therefore, it aimed at qualifying administrative staff that would play a decisive and consultative role in decision making in sectors related to development planning at central and regional levels. The theoretical and practical training of the students was based on an interdisciplinary approached required by the character of the above mentioned disciplines.


The Programme was of one year duration and there were no fees. It consisted of two semesters, traineeship, traineeship report, and presentation of a dissertation. The lectures and examinations were in French and the basic bibliography in French and English. During those ten years, 80 students graduated.


Professor Byron Kotzamanis, Director of LDSA, and Christophe Bergouignan, Director of IEDUB (Institut d'Études Démographiques de l'Université Bordeaux IV) were the academics responsible for the programme.




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