»» CENSUS 2000    

The Laboratory of Demographic and Social Analyses (University of Thessaly) and the Institute of Demographic Studies (University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV – France) have organized a joint Greek-French postgraduate Programme leading to an M.Sc. degree in Demography and the Economics of Development and Integration (with specialization in Population, Development and Foresight). This joint Master’s course began offering courses in the academic year 2005-2006. It is a one-year course (two semesters) and comprises 4 modules followed by a practicum and a dissertation.


The aim of this Programme is to provide graduates of various disciplines and backgrounds a degree of specialization in the crosscutting issues of demography and sustainable development, the knowledge of which is a prerequisite for strategic planning at all spatial levels. Thus,  it seeks to form  experts  with consulting or executive functions in decision making in the fields  of development planning at central and regional level. Given the character of its subject, the course’s educational approach is by definition interdisciplinary.


The lectures and examinations are in French and the basic textbooks and reading lists suggested in French and English. Sufficient knowledge of these two languages is therefore a prerequisite for admission.



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